What Do You Really Need in a Home

Homes are reflections of who we are. The mortgage lender might think of your home in relation to some demographic medium but as a household that dwells within its walls, you are unique.
As an individual, you can think of a home as an entity that nurtures a fulfilling and creative lifestyle. It gives you the space to be who you are. It holds your past in a kind of joint memory it shares with you. Your life experiences are absorbed in what you put on the walls, how you arrange your furniture and how you use the space. It projects you into the future where you envision changes you can make, whether cosmetic and psychological such as paint or new floorcoverings or structural (or behavioral) as adding a room such as a home office.

Or you can feel a home as an obstacle. That hinders your enjoyment of life. That constantly has to be kept clean to keep up its appearance. A home whose mortgage is a burden that kepts you working in a job that is not fulfilling. A home that does not give you the space you really need to do the things that give joy and a sense of fulfillment. On whose walls hang reminders of obligations weighing down a past that projects little hope of freely moving into the future

Or you can minimize or ignore the need for a home and wander through your life momentarily centered in a moving car, in changing relationships, in the urge to travel to new places. Seeking shelter in the diversions society offers. More centered in the psychological shelters of habits, denials and addiction than the space, responsibility and continuity of a physical home.

When presented this way no one would chose the last two options. But yet there does seem to be forces that make it difficult for us to find and create for ourselves a home that is like a friend to us. Forces that steer us away from our unique needs and tempt and coerce us to accept, even ask for a home that is not what we really need. The media projects images about what we should want. Financial institution regulates uniformity in the way they lend money. …. These might be necessary when we look at the big picture. It provides an obstacle for the home buyer to be aware of . Above all it should encourage you to think you yourself.